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       With the rapid change of market information,to short the delivery cycle of customers' goods effectively, MBA strengthens the investment of modern equipment, and introduces a series of international leading automation equipment.


>  including 4 advanced full-automatic printing machines, 7 Yamaha medium-high
           speed SMT mounters;

       >  2 online SPI machines and 3 AOI machines.

       > The actual production capacity of patch is up to 10 million per day,;

       >  and the actual production capacity of plug-in is up to 18,000 per day.

       > The SMT devices including 0201 and 01005;

       > as well as QFP, BGA and OPO chips with 0.3mm ultra-high accuracy can be 


        MBA has a MYDATA SMT production line.MYDATA mounter is a high-precision
mounter with a wide range of mounting components. Its mounting range can range
from 0201 to QFP304, BGA and even the most advanced precision components at
present,like CSP, MicroBGA, FLIP CHIP  and other parts, and it can also mount DIE.


        Flexible mounting mode, simple and fast patch and line changing
operation mode provide strong support for MBA to promise customers
to deliver SMT patch 24 hours.


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